Requesting Sponsor List


To whom it may concern my name is T. and I have been struggling for a long time with food I also see that I have been like this most of my life I was wondering is there any chance I could get a sponsor list as I am living In Ireland and there are not meeting here. 


Hi T,

Sorry to hear you are struggling. I can relate.

So I am not sure you know you wrote to us in Caifornia, but that probably doesn't matter to you since you are looking for a remote sponsor.

Here is the website for the Intergroup that includes your part of Europe. You can also poke around there for the support you need. It might be better to have one close to yur time zone.

Here in Region 2 we do not have a thing called a "Sponsors list" So I can't just provide you that. BUt finding a sponsor is critical, so keep searching. I have one recommendation... Phone meetings or On-line meetings. I have a sponsee now who calls and emails from the east coast because she got my number on a phone meeting. You can get a list of those from the World website:



I also would recommend petitioning your HP for a sponsor... then take some next steps.

Good Luck.

Thomas F.
Region 2 Secretary
(562) 464-7550