Board Job Descriptions

Taken from the OA Region 2 Board Operating Manual No media download found.


Section II – R2 Board Member Duties and Responsibilities A. All R2 Board members must submit a written report to each Board member at each Board meeting and to the Secretary at R2 Assembly. B. It is the responsibility of the designated Board member to see that a profit and loss statement be submitted to the R2 Board following each R2 event. C. The R2 Board shall develop and renew long and short term goals annually. D. Board Member duties and responsibilities: Chair 1. Represent R2 in all matters involving outside enterprises. 2. Propose an agenda of business items for R2 Assemblies and R2 Board meetings. 3. Chair R2 Assemblies and R2 Board meetings in accordance with the R2 Bylaws. 4. Develop and present activity reports at R2 Assemblies and R2 Board meetings. (Note: R2 Assembly report must be written and delivered to the R2 Secretary before the R2 Assembly begins.) 5. Submit interim report to the Publications Coordinator to be included in the Assembly Packet. 6. Schedule Parliamentarian for R2 Assemblies. 7. Act as liaison to the R2 Committees as assigned. 8. Function as a fiduciary in matters requiring allocation and disbursement of the funds provided for R2 business. 9. Attend R2-sponsored activities, as directed, to represent R2 interests and support the activity. 10. Draft all correspondence from R2 directed within the fellowship of Overeaters Anonymous on matters affecting R2 as a whole. 11. Draft all correspondence between R2 and outside enterprises.