Description of current Region 2 Committees and their purpose.

Bylaws Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Bylaws Committee is to review and initiate bylaw amendments, changes to policies and procedures, and provide recommendations for these to the R2 Assembly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Review bylaws amendment proposals from RR’s, R2 Board, World Conference and Intergroups for recommendation to R2 Assembly.
  • Review all bylaw amendment proposals submitted to the Publications Coordinator in accordance with Article XVI of the Bylaws and printed in the R2 Assembly packet for recommendation to the R2 Assembly.
  • Develop amendment proposal format and text.
  • Verify the appropriateness of R2 Bylaw amendment proposals with the Parliamentarian.
  • Prepare final bylaw amendment proposals and present copies to R2 Secretary in time for regular meeting.
  • Redraft Bylaws as required by R2 Assembly adopted amendments, obtain R2 Board signatures and prepare sufficient final copies for distribution to R2 membership.
  • Expend funds as budgeted to accomplish Bylaws Committee functions.
  • Communicate to the R2 Board through the Board Liaison.
  • Assist Publications Coordinator in tracking changes to Bylaws and Policy & Procedures for production of bi-annual update of R2 Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Bylaw Committee Chair to chair the R2 Board Recall Committee (per R2 Bylaws, Section X, D).

Committee Reports

2016 Fall Assembly: Bylaws Committee Report

Intergroup Outreach Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Intergroup Formation/Outreach Committee is:

  • to reach out to struggling Intergroups;
  • to encourage unaffiliated groups in one geographic locale to form an Intergroup or join an existing one;
  • to assist groups in forming an Intergroup; and,
  • to encourage intergroups to participate in Region 2.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Receive updated intergroup listings from R2 Board.
  • Receive copies of unaffiliated group registration forms from R2 Board/WSO and respond appropriately.
  • Locate nearest intergroup and note on group registration form, including intergroup name, address and telephone.
  • Respond to new unaffiliated groups as follows:
  • Encourage those groups located near an existing Intergroup to join that Intergroup. If improper paperwork is the problem, ask the group to resubmit proper group registration forms.
  • Encourage groups located more than 50 miles from an intergroup to join distant Intergroup or form a new Intergroup together with nearby unaffiliated groups.
  • Enlighten unaffiliated groups about their status.
  • Reach out and communicate with struggling and/or newly formed Intergroups.
  • Work within the budget assigned by R2.
  • Communicate with the R2 Board through the Board Liaison.

Committee Reports

2016 Fall Assembly: Intergroup Outreach Committee Report

Young Persons Statement of Purpose

The R2 Young Persons Committee assists Intergroups interested in formalizing a Young Persons program. The Committee also helps organize or sponsor Young Persons events, such as Retreats and Conventions, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Help formulate goals and oversee projects in the making that are geared towards young persons in our fellowship.
  • Bring World Service Business Conference Young Persons Committee ideas and projects to R2 for further refining and disseminating.
  • Share Intergroup Young Persons ideas; answer questions and concerns that people might have; be a resource for Young Persons meetings in R2, i.e.: meeting formats, special activities.
  • Oversee Young Persons events.
  • Communicate to the R2 Board through the Board Liaison.

Committee Reports

2016 Fall Assembly: Young Persons Committee Report


WSO OA Young Persons

Facebook OA Young Persons group

Public Information Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the R2 Public Information Committee is to carry the message to the compulsive overeater who still suffers by encouraging, supporting and developing public information efforts in the Region 2 Intergroups.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Increase public awareness of the Overeaters Anonymous program of recovery throughout the Region.
  • Provide support which encourages the development of local public information efforts within the Region.
  • Organize and support Regional public information activities which, because of their nature, are beyond the scope of what one Intergroup could accomplish by itself, or which require the involvement and support of two or more Intergroups.
  • Establish annual public information goals for the Region and report at each assembly on the actions being taken to achieve those goals.
  • Recommend to the region an annual budget in support of the Region’s public information activities and report to each assembly on the usage of the funds which are approved.
  • Follow prepared agenda for each committee meeting and communicate between committee meetings.
  • Communicate to the R2 Board through the Board Liaison.

Committee Reports

2016 Fall Assembly: Public Information Committee Report

Diversity Statement of Purpose

The First Tradition states: “Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon OA unity.” In keeping with that tradition, the purpose of the First Tradition Committee is:

  • to support and encourage full participation of every OA member within Region 2,
  • to recognize and accept the many different concepts of working the OA program of recovery;
  • to encourage groups and Intergroups within Region 2 to be similarly accepting;
  • to provide strategies and resources to assist groups and Intergroups in participating at the regional level.

Duties And Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate ways to create and maintain unity within Region 2.
  • Provide guidance and support to R2 groups and Intergroups in sharing successful approaches to the OA program of recovery.
  • Create and encourage new lines of communication between geographic areas within the Region.
  • Development and maintain room share network for R2 Assemblies.
  • Communicate with the R2 Board through the Board Liaison.

Committee Reports

2016 Fall Assembly: Diversity Committee Report

12th Step Within Statement of Purpose

Our 12th Step in Overeaters Anonymous tells us to “carry the message to compulsive overeaters….” The primary purpose of the Twelfth Step Within, therefore, is to carry that same message to those who still suffer within the OA fellowship. Thus, the Twelfth Step Within Committee deals largely with relapse and issues of membership retention – the message, of course, is hope.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Accumulate ideas and information from RR’s who participate in this committee.
  • Respond to requests from intergroups and fellow members for information related to this committee.
  • Delegate work to be done by committee members and any actions that may need to be taken by this committee, including:
  • All requests for meeting lists and sponsors-by-mail sent WSO.
  • Development and maintenance of a list of available sponsors-by-mail for answering requests for same.
  • Development of a method of supplying meeting list information as needed.
  • Encouragement of formation of Twelfth Step Within Committees at the Intergroup level to deal directly with requests for such information.
  • Follow the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, follow the R2 Bylaws and expend funds as budgeted to accomplish committee functions.
  • Communicate with the R2 Board through the Board Liaison.

Committee Reports

2016 Fall Assembly: 12th Step Within Committee Report