Explanation of Terms

Alternate Representative
Attends all the sessions along with the certified representative. Replaces the certified rep if they cannot attend business session(s). They are not the permanent rep if the certified rep is on site but not in the room when voting. The alternate rep may not have their vote counted if the certified rep is in the room. All votes must be balanced against the roll call sheet and determination of the Assembly quorum.

Amendment to the Bylaws
A statement submitted to the Assembly to change a part of the Bylaws,requires a 2/3 affirmative vote to pass. Sixty days prior to Assembly, the proposed amendment must be given to the R2 Secretary. Forty-five days prior to Assembly, it is distributed by the Publications Coordinator to the website, Intergroups, RR’s & unaffiliated meetings. Except for the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts listed under Article III, Section A, the R2 Bylaws maybe amended at any time by two-thirds of RR’S present and voting at regular Assembly, provided the notification deadlines are met. In the course of assembly business, if a proposed bylaw amendment arises, three copies shall be made and passed out to the Board. The R2 Board Secretary will post it electronically for viewing to the Assembly and voting. Each motion shall have an intent and rationale to explain the reasoning behind the amendment. Bylaw amendments that do not adhere to the notification rules rules will be declared out of order and not allowed to proceed.

Amendment to the Policy and Procedure Manual
A statement submitted to the Assembly to change a part of the P&P, requires majority vote to pass. Any policy or procedure may be amended or modified at any time during Assembly with no prior wide-spread notification required. For logistical ease, it is preferred that any P&P amendments be submitted to the Board prior to Assembly so that they may be included in the packet that is sent out to everyone. Each motion shall have an intent and rationale to explain the reasoning behind the amendment. In the course of Assembly business, if a proposed P&P amendment arises, three copies shall be made and passed out to the Board. The R2 Board Secretary will post it elecronically for viewing to the assembly and voting.

Board Liaison
A member of the Board of Region 2 who is assigned to work with a specific committee. These positions are decided in January at the first meeting of the Board following the Fall elections. The Board member is responsible for communication between the Board and the committee. The Board liaison does not make decisions for the Board.

Policies and Procedures for board members that supplements bylaws, the R2 Policies and Procedures, and focuses on In-depth Explanation of OA terms general operating processes.

Abbreviation for the Board of Trustees of Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. The Board of Trustees shall consist of ten “regional trustees,” each representing one of the ten regions, six “general service trustees,” and one virtual services trustee.

Budget Override
Any expenditure exceeding budgeted amounts by more than ten (10) percent shall be submitted for approval to the Assembly.

Business Session
Those meetings times during Assembly when roll is taken, items discussed and voted. This occurs on Saturday during the day. It also includes Sunday morning for the fall Assembly.

The governing document of the OA corporate organization which includes identity, rights and privileges of OA members with respect to the corporation. Other service bodies such as Regions and Intergroups will have bylaws that correspond to OA, Inc.'s bylaws.

Annual business meeting which ensures OA operates through group conscience of the gathering of worldwide representation of OA members known as the World Service Business Conference.

Events for recovery, fellowship and a major source of contributions. Both World Service and Region 2 organize conventions. R2 holds conventions annually.

Expense Reports
Request for reimbursement for pre-approved purchases. These must be turned into the R2 Treasurer within 45 days of incurring the expense for it to be paid.

Funding Assistance for Hawaii
Provided funding available, Intergroups shall alternate being offered funding assistance to attend the Fall Assembly. If they are unable to accept, funding will be offered to the next eligible Intergroup.The R2 Board will determine the implementation and final allocation of funds. Those receiving assistance are required to attend all business meetings and to room share when possible. This is separate funds from IFAP.

Funding Assistance for Mexico
Provided funding available, Intergroupal Mexico is given Mexico funding assistance to send a delegate to the WSBC and an RR to the fall Assembly every year. Other Intergroups of Mexico alternate funding between them to send to send a delegate and a RR every year. The R2 Board will determine the implementation and final allocation of funds. Those receiving assistance are required to attend all business meetings and to room share when possible. This is separate funds from IFAP.

General Board Support Services
Outside entities who are hired to perform various services that used to be physically done by Board members. This cost is not to exceed $10,000 per year

Green Dot
New Region 2 Representative coming to their first Assembly.

GST is a General Services Trustee who is one of seventeen (17) members of the OA, Inc. Board of Trustees (BOT). A GST attends all Executive Committee meetings, reviews OA, Inc.'s budget and makes recommendations. They also assist with any regional or virtual service functions as requested. There are six (6) There are six (6) GSTs.

The service body that provides services for carrying the OA message to the local area groups.

Intergroup Assembly Scholarship Fund (IASF)
Special fund set up to help up to three Intergroups that have not participated in the last two (2) Assemblies. The Intergroup Outreach Committee along with the R2 Board Liaison will contact the Intergroups eligible to participate. Application forms are due a minimum of 45 days prior to the Assembly. The funding is set up differently than IFAP monies. The hotel accommodations will be based on room sharing and be directly paid by R2. Individuals will be given a stipend for transportation and meals at the close of Assembly. $30 will be given for transportation costs with $30 for meals for a one day Assembly and $50 for meals for a two day Assembly. Participants are expected to attend all business meetings. Assembly registration fee is the responsibility of the Intergroup. The reception of the scholarship removes eligibility for IFAP funding for that particular Assembly. Distribution of the scholarship funds will be determined by the Board.

Intergroup Funding Assistance Program (IFAP)
Intergroup Funding Assistance Program is a policy to provide assistance to financially challenged Intergroups to help pay the costs to send reps. The funds are distributed based on the mileage from either the office or box office box of the Intergroup at .45/mile up to a maximum of $450 for the primary rep. These funds may be used for registration, meals, lodging and transportation. Funds for a secondary rep are also allowed with the mileage of .225/mile. Reps have to attend and be present at the end of the final business session to obtain their checks. All checks are made out to the sponsoring Intergroup. IFAP application are due 45 days prior to the upcoming Assembly. Applications turned in later will be only considered if there is money or a budget override to fufill the requests. These funds are not meant for use by Hawai'I and Mexico. There is a separate funding policy for those areas.

Refers to Region 2 Policy and Procedures Manual containing on-going policies adopted by R2 Assembly.

The notebook and additional papers sent out to the RRs of record (designated 60 days prior) to the next Assembly. It has a list of all of the Intergroups who are eligible to attend, the agenda for the upcoming Assembly, items for discussion and voting, Board reports, and the minutes from the last prior Assembly. It is a key document that should be read prior to Assembly and used throughout the business sessions. It is an important record that Intergroups may want to keep to show activity at Assembly. It also includes the registration, IFAP, Committee Chair and any other necessary forms for the upcoming Assembly.

California state registered expert on Robert's Rules of Order and whose expertise is used in situations requiring procedural clarity during Assembly. The Parliamentarian is not a member of the Board and may or may not be a member of the fellowship.

Consists of Representatives present at Assembly from at least thirty percent (30%) of all Intergroups. A quorum (majority of seated members) is sufficient for board meetings held via electronic communication media

Region 2 of Overeates Anonymous (includes California, Hawai'i, Mexico and Northern Nevada).

Abbreviation for Region 2 Assembly - meets twice per year to carry out business of Region 2. Dates and locations vary.

Region 2 Convention

R2 Board (R2B)
The offices of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Publications Coordinator and Events Coordinator comprise the Board of Directors which has been granted the authority and controls to engage in all the business and affairs of Region 2, Inc. The R2 Trustee, whose duties and responsibilities are specified in the World Service Bylaws, acts as a liaison to R2 for the World Service Board of Trustees and may have a voice at board meetings. Please see the R2 Bylaws, Article IX, A-G Nomination and Election for all of the details regarding service requirements and terms for R2 Board members.

R2 Committee
A working part of the R2 business Assembly where Representatives plan and implement more efficient ways to carry OA's message to the compulsive overeater who still suffers. Committee membership shall not exceed 15 members. Returning members have first priority.

R2 Committee Chair
The person in charge of facilitating all committee meetings, reporting to the Assembly, directing members, maintaining notes of what was accomplished, keeping the Board Liaison informed and submitting a written report for the Assembly packet.

R2 Newsletter
The R2 Publications Coordinator is responible for preparation of and distribution of this publication. The Board determines the format, frequency and method of distribution.

Region Chairs Committee
Committee consisting of the 10 Region Chairs. R2 pays for all expenses of the R2 Chair (or the appointed representative) relating to travel, transportation and food to attend meeting of this committee. Region Chairs often help with the planning and activities at WSBC.

Regional Assembly
Business meetings of Regions to which Intergroups send representatives. R2 Assemblies include business meetings, educational workshops and entertainment.

Regional Representative
Person chosen by an Intergroup to represent their interests at Regional Assemblies and to bring back pertinent information.

Regional Trustee
Ten (10) of the seventeen (17) members of the BOT who act as liaisons between different geographic areas and World Service. Each Trustee serves and presents Overeaters Anonymous as a whole. Trustee candidates are nominated and affirmed by Regions but elected at the World Service Business Conference (WSBC). Specifically within R2, the Regional Trustee also has a voice on the R2 Board.

OA is divided into ten (10) geographic areas specifically defined in the bylaws.

Robert’s Rules of Order
The adopted parliamentary authority that helps guide the format and procerdures of the assembly. It has the lowest precedence of rules being superseded by the bylaws, the Policy and Procedures Manual and the Board Operation Manual in that order.

Roll Call
Attendance taken prior to the start of each business section to determine who exactly is in the room and if the quorum requirements of 30% of all represented Intergroups are met.

Service, Tradition, and Concepts Workshops. Region 2 Board Members or Board appointed representatives are funded by the Region to attend Intergroup-sponsored events in order to share their knowledge, experience, strength and hope about Service, Traditions and Concepts in Overeaters Anonymous.

Service Structure
Basic OA Service Structure
Individual OA Member

Twelve Step Within - reaching out to members within the fellowship who may be in relapse.

Unaffiliated Group
OA Group registered with World Service but not listed by World Service as part of an Intergroup.

Virtual Services - Meetings that are held phone or online in real time. E-mail loops are also considered to be a virtual service.

Abbreviation for Virtual Services Trustee. Member of the BOT who act as liaison between the virtual groups and World Service.

Abbreviation for World Service Business Conference. Annual business meeting which ensures OA operates through group conscience of worldwide member representation.

Abbreviation for World Service Office - International headquarters of OA with a paid office staff consisting of both OA and non-OA members who conduct the day to day busineess of the organization.

WSBC Delegate Assistance Fund
Funds provided by R2 for those Intergroups who, under extreme financial hardship, need help to send representation to conference. Intergroups are to apply to R2 prior to applying to the WSO for funds. The deadline to apply for the R2 funds is Septemeber 1st. It may be moved to December 1st, if funds are available. The delegate is expected to attend all business meetings, arrive at WSBC Monday or Tuesday, serve on a committee, attend workshops, attend all voting Thursday, Friday and Saturday and share a room, if possible. Upon return, the delegate is expected to submit a written report and a detailed reimbusement form with original receipts attached and signed by the Intergroup Chair. A check will be issued to the Intergroup within 30 days of the Conference after compliance with the above. The assistance is not to exceed the amount approved by the R2 Board or the actual expenses after WSO assistance has been applied as well. The Board may opt to vote on a case-by-case basis to allow payment of expenses due to extenuating circumstances such as death of a familly member or illness where the delegate is unable to fullfil their duties. Mexico has their own funding for the WSBC.