What is R2?

Welcome to Region 2

During the 1976 World Service Business Conference of Overeaters Anonymous in Los Angeles, California, the Conference delegates voted to adopt the concept of Regionalization. OA groups in California and Hawaii originally formed Region 2 of Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. (R2). The Northern Nevada-Sierra area was added in 1987. In 1992, Mexico also became a part of Region 2. 

Each Intergroup is entitled to one Regional Representative (RR) for every ten (10) groups (or portion of) affiliated with its Intergroup. Each Unaffiliated Group is entitled to one RR. Travel expenses, meals and other accommodations for Region 2 Assemblies are the responsibility of the group or Intergroup represented. Each group or Intergroup selects its RR in any manner it chooses as long as it stays within the framework of the Twelve Steps. the Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts of OA Service. 

To help relieve some of the confusion about World Service Business Conference, Conference Delegates, Region Assembly, Regional Representatives, etc., a “structure chart” is provided in this manual along with a glossary of terms. Questions, problems, suggestions and agenda items for R2 may be directed to any R2 Board Member. 

R2 meets two times a year at locations and on dates designated by the R2 Board. Notification of R2 Assembly sites and dates for each calendar year are announced at the last assembly of the year. 

Election of Region officers takes place at the final R2 Assembly of each calendar year. The selection of Trustee nominees is done at the last R2 Assembly of the year for their presentation for election at World Service Business Conference in May during its electoral year. 

Full participation of all Intergroups assures a strong, effective Region, and Regional Assemblies assure the group conscience of each Intergroup may be heard. All members of Overeaters Anonymous are encouraged to attend Regional Assemblies. With consent of the Assembly, visitors may participate in discussion, but may not make motions or vote.


The purpose of Region 2 (R2) is to support all groups and Intergroups (IGs) within Region 2 by: 

  • Facilitating communication and education, by hosting R2 Assemblies, Publishing the R2 Newsletter and maintaining the Region 2 Audio Library;
  • Promoting and supporting unity by providing outreach to isolated areas and hosting Service, Traditions, and Concepts workshops;
  • Conducting fundraising events to support the business of R2, such as the R2 Convention;
  • Providing representation at World Service Business Conference (WSBC) and considering Trustee nominees for the World Service Board of Trustees (BOT).