2016 Fall Assembly: 12th Step Within Committee Report

2016 Fall Assembly: 12th Step Within Committee Report

  1. Update and consolidate the TSW Speakers List for the R2 Website:
    • a. contact current speakers and confirm their participation
    • b. contact R2 Intergroups to call for and add new speakers

  2. Update and distribute the TSW R2 Brochure Packet via the TSW Quarterly Email to all Intergroups (electronically,except for OA Pamphlets and coins). Brochure packet includes:
    • OA Member in Relapse Packets
    • Info sheet on uses of Relapse Packets for Groups
    • OA Relapse Literature
    • Member action partner list and passalong cards
    • Serenity Prayer coins
    • Outreach phone lists
    • R2 Twelve Step Within information and best practices brochures

  3. Distribute Welcome Back R2 TSW Sponsor Sign-Up sheets for Outreach Calls

  4. Send out quarterly TSW – R2 Email suggestions for Intergroup Newsletters with Spanish translation

  5. Investigate the use of the QR code as a means of fast email links to TSW information

  6. TSW Booth at the June 24th, 2016 Convention was a success; continue staffing booth at 2017 Convention and two R2 Assemblies.