2017 Fall Assembly: Diversity Committee Report

2017 Fall Assembly: Diversity Committee Report

Last spring the Unity with Diversity Committee comprised all new members. Continuing with the work of former committee members, as outlined in the previous assembly newsletter, we devised new ways to reach out to our Spanish speaking fellows and newcomers.

Our main goals were to (a) compile a list of Spanish speaking contacts in Region 2 to be handed to newcomers who wished to connect with Spanish speakers and (b) continue producing and distributing Spanish language newcomer packets.

Input from World Services later informed us of the decrease in demand for Spanish language literature, which is now out of print. We will be putting together a final 35 Spanish language newcomer packets, with material donated from World Services, which we will distribute to Region 2 meetings in need, along with a Spanish speaker contact phone list.

To maintain anonymity on the Internet, we request the contact list not be posted online, but maintained for individual meetings and fellows who can request a copy of the list via email. Individual meetings can then make copies for their own use. Inquiries should be addressed to Communications, which will have access to the list, to be maintained by the Unity with Diversity Committee. Any fellows who wish to add or remove themselves as contacts, or make changes to their information, should also contact Communications.

Finally, to spread the word about the contact list, we seek to include a message in the Region 2 newsletter, as well as one on the Region 2 website.