2017 Fall Assembly: Public​ ​Information Committee Report

2017 Fall Assembly: Public​ ​Information Committee Report

The goal of the PIC was to reach out bariatrics centers within R2 and approach a contact person with the list of questions made at the Spring Assembly and appropriate literature. And to distribute posters supplied by Works Service for posting on various community boards.

Things that have been accomplished:

1) chose one piece of literature and

2) chose two OA posters

Eva Z. supplied the committee with an amazing Poster Distribution Form. She reports that only 18 of her posters were taken for distribution and never heard back from them.

Barbara M. supplied the committee with a Guidelines for meeting with bariatric professionals.

Denise M. got OALAIG to fund a start of 25 posters. They are currently having a stamp made with contact information to put on the pull tabs. Project was delayed when WS stopped printing the original pictures. Shortly will be distributed.

Karen took posters to the “half day event ” and attends to a monthly support group organized by a bariatric surgery group. Surgery candidates have to attend before and after the surgery. Karen noticed that the ones who have had recent surgery are in their honeymoon and do not want to know anything about programs or literature.