Financial Aid

Does your intergroup need financial help to attend Region 2 assemblies?

You have several options that can help make it possible for you to participate. Download form for specific instructions and information.

Committee Chair Funding

R2 shall allocate or budget up to $200.00 per committee chair, per assembly, to ensure attendance at R2 assemblies. Requests for funding to be reviewed and approved by the R2 Board. 

Intergroup Assembly Scholarship

Intergroup Assembly Scholarship Funds shall be available to assist up to three (3) Intergroups with financial hardships. Preference is given to those intergroups that have not participated in the last two (2) assemblies. 

Intergroup Funding Assistance Program

Intergroups are expected to fund their representatives (RRs) attendance at assemblies. This policy provides assistance to financially challenged intergroups who are unable to participate without financial aid. Due to prohibitive travel costs, RRs from the intergroups of Hawaii and Mexico will be accorded special funding assistance to attend the fall assembly. 

WSBC Delegate Assistance Fund

Funding is available to those intergroups experiencing extreme financial difficulties; those intergroups who would be incapable of sending a delegate to the conference without financial assistance. Intergroups should apply to Region 2 before applying to the World Service Office for financial assistance.