What is an Assembly?

Assemblies Conducting the business of OA in our region

Assemblies are where OA members gather together to conduct the business of OA. They are held twice a year in the spring and fall alternating their locations between Southern and Northern California.

Full participation of all intergroups assures a strong, effective region, and regional assemblies assure the group conscience of each intergroup may be heard. Each intergroup is eligible to send one representative for each 10 meeting groups (or fraction thereof).

Representatives participate in the business of Region 2, including making motions and voting. All members of Overeaters Anonymous are encouraged to attend regional assemblies. With consent of the assembly, visitors may participate in discussion, but may not make motions or vote.

Members of the R2 Assembly shall consist of the R2 Board, RR's from each R2 Intergroup desiring to participate, and a representative of any other OA group unaffiliated with an Intergroup (Unaffiliated Group) within R2 (California, Hawaii, Mexico and Northern Nevada).