Intergroup Outreach Committee

Intergroup Outreach Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Intergroup Formation/Outreach Committee is:

  • to reach out to struggling Intergroups;
  • to encourage unaffiliated groups in one geographic locale to form an Intergroup or join an existing one;
  • to assist groups in forming an Intergroup; and,
  • to encourage intergroups to participate in Region 2.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Receive updated intergroup listings from R2 Board.
  • Receive copies of unaffiliated group registration forms from R2 Board/WSO and respond appropriately.
  • Locate nearest intergroup and note on group registration form, including intergroup name, address and telephone.
  • Respond to new unaffiliated groups as follows:
  • Encourage those groups located near an existing Intergroup to join that Intergroup. If improper paperwork is the problem, ask the group to resubmit proper group registration forms.
  • Encourage groups located more than 50 miles from an intergroup to join distant Intergroup or form a new Intergroup together with nearby unaffiliated groups.
  • Enlighten unaffiliated groups about their status.
  • Reach out and communicate with struggling and/or newly formed Intergroups.
  • Work within the budget assigned by R2.
  • Communicate with the R2 Board through the Board Liaison.