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The Region 2 Convention speaker audio files are available through a dedicated podcasting service. This means you can listen to speakers on your phone (iPhone and Android) anytime, anywhere.

3 Most Recent Conventions

The Audio Library of any R2 Convention will not be posted until the 3rd year following that Convention. Members can purchase audio tapes and discs from the authorized recording company, All-Star Media, until that time.

"Rocketed Into The Fourth Dimension" was the theme for Region 2’s exciting, uplifting convention for 2017! We hope that many of you were able to attend! If there was a session that you just loved, heard about or had to miss, now is your chance to hear the message again! The audio recordings also make great gifts to share with your sponsor or sponsees! You can purchase one session or the entire weekend!

Every session was recorded and available for purchase either individually or in sets. Great way to bolster your program! Definitely worth your time and energy! Continue and reinforce the messages you heard over convention weekend! All-Star Tapes has been our outside vendor for several years and has two additional previous years' convention sessions also available for purchase. After three years, the recordings will be available from our site.