Event Calendar

Events held throughout Region 2
California, Hawaii, Mexico and Northern Nevada

OA gatherings outside of group meetings provide a forum of recovery for all members. Many members think of OA events as "supercharged meetings". 

Such get-togethers beyond the group level give us an opportunity to share on a broader scale and remind us we are part of a larger whole, that we are not alone.

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Monthly Workshops

Chat with the Chair
Day: 2nd Sunday of even months
Time: 6:00 - 7:00 pm (Pacific Time)
How: Call 605-475-4000 and enter conference call ID 326612#
Notes: Press *6 to mute and *7 to talk
Topics: Anything regarding OA Region 2 Assemblies, Intergroups, Meetings, Service, 12 Traditions, 12 Concepts of Service, etc.
Just call in and ask your questions!

Events sorted in chronological order
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18-Aug-2018 - 18-Aug-2018: Special Focus Meeting followed by Fun and Games (Seal Beach, CA)

7-Sep-2018 - 9-Sep-2018: Annual Retreat in the Redwoods (Santa Cruz, CA)

8-Sep-2018 - 8-Sep-2018: Workshop: Mind Games (Glendora, CA)

15-Sep-2018 - 15-Sep-2018: The ABC's of Abstinence (San Pedro, CA)

15-Sep-2018 - 15-Sep-2018: 12 Step Marathon (Oakland, CA)

21-Sep-2018 - 23-Sep-2018: 175th Serenity Retreat (Oceanside, CA)

29-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-2018: Keep Calm & Marath-On (Visalia, CA)

6-Oct-2018 - 6-Oct-2018: In The Eyes Of The Beholder: A Workshop on Body Image (Manhattan Beach, CA)

13-Oct-2018 - 13-Oct-2018: The Big Book is Alive in Overeaters Anonymous (Oceano, CA)

20-Oct-2018 - 20-Oct-2018: Workshop: ABC's of Abstinence (Glendora, CA)

26-Oct-2018 - 28-Oct-2018: OA Mens Retreat (Santa Cruz, CA)

2-Nov-2018 - 4-Nov-2018: OA Women's Retreat: Mapping Our Recovery (Encino, CA)

9-Nov-2018 - 11-Nov-2018: New Freedom Retreat (Encino, CA)

17-Nov-2018 - 17-Nov-2018: 2018 Day in OA (Reno, Nevada)

12-Dec-2018 - 12-Dec-2018: Twelfth Step Within: Recovery from Relapse (Manhattan Beach, CA)

15-Dec-2018 - 15-Dec-2018: Come join the Party, 50 yrs of SGVIE (Glendora, CA)

R2 Events

2018 Spring Assembly - April 13-14, 2018 (Sacramento, CA)

2018 Convention - June 29 - July 1, 2018 (Sacramento, CA)

2018 Fall Assembly - November 2-4, 2018 (Pomona, CA)

World Service Events

April 23-28, 2018: Business Conference (Albuquerque, NM)
(Delegate Support Fund Applications due to WSO November 1st.)