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2015 Spring Assembly Committee Reports

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Working to review and update the Convention P&P

  • Goals:
    • Review & Update Convention P&P
  • Current Projects Underway:
    • Schedule phone meeting to discuss P&P progress
  • Agenda for next Assembly:
    • Bring status of P&P change amendments to Bylaws & P&P due to WSBC


  • Committee Goals:
    • Change our statement of purpose for the R2 website
  • Current Projects Underway:
    • Discuss and select next specialty group within fellowship to target for regional support
    • Survey IGs via R2 to identify next target group
  • Agenda for next Assembly:
    • Brainstorm, discuss possible target groups for next diversity project. Create resources/tools

Intergroup Outreach

  • Committee Goals/Current Projects Underway:
    • IG Checklist (How you can Improve)
    • STC Workshops
    • Send article
    • Ask for volunteers to visit IGs, provide talking points
    • Contact unaffiliated groups(ask for list)
    • Dropbox
    • Increase R2 Attendance + participation
    • Inform IGs if resources available to them
    • Help to support new IG reps
  • Agenda for next Assembly:
    • Review Action Items
    • Move into outreach phase

Public Information

  • Committee Goals:
    • Best practices list (modified after new R2 website)
    • Make sure they know how they can subscribe to R2 database
    • You can forward blasts from R2 to everyone in your database
    • Collaboration of Intergroups for Health Fairs, Conferences or any other functions that could bring information to the public
  • Current Projects Underway:
    • Because of the cost or securing a booth at most large health fairs a recent collaboration of 5 Intergroups in the LA/Orange Counties we were able to get a booth at the Women’s Expo in Los Angeles (it was very successful.)
    • Visit other Intergroups within a two hour radius of home to let them know what’s going on around the Region
  • Agenda for next Assembly:
    • Set up call center in Northern, Central and Southern CA so we, as the PI Committee, can be available to answer questions from remote Intergroups who want to be involved in either telephone outreach of have questions or want directions as to what to do in regards to:
      • Getting material
      • Getting meeting reps interested in working the booth or helping with the fairs
      • About funding outside of our Intergroup
  • Contact all IGs to let them know that this is available
  • Outreach to colleges who do not talk to anyone over 25
  • Phone messages should be in both English and Spanish
  • Use the ‘got a doc got a shrink’ flyer post in schools/colleges/many other locations

12 Step Within

  • Committee Goals:
    • Update relapse + recovery list of R2 12 step within
      • Confirm active - see what R2 list over lapses
      • Members divided up the list to check for accuracy
  • Current Projects Underway:
    • Materials for 2015 Convention -$50 in pamphlets (chichi are in the “Welcome Back” packet: to be given out individually)
    • Get following accepted + approved by OA?
      • “12” button
      • Business card for “12 sw”
      • Pamphlet “12 Steps Within (pink, w/ 4 hands classed)
      • Foldable “Twelve Step Within” (3 legged stool)
  • Agenda for next Assembly:
    • Bring the above items to fall Assembly to discuss and approve
    • Work on 3 things:
      • Article for R2 Newsletter
      • Update phone lists RT2
      • Bids “TSW 12 Suggestions” newsletter

Young Persons Committee

Committee Goals:

  1. Increase our awareness & understanding of YPs use of virtual resources to improve our effective outreach using technology
  2. Help our Region improve YP retention
  3. Increase IG outreach & collaboration in order to better support YPs

Current Projects Underway:

  1. Create QR Code & Special Landing Page for YPs on R2 site
  2. Set up committee email distills Google Drive for info & Doc sharing
  3. Explore packet creation for IGs to foster awareness at college level

Agenda for next Assembly:

  • Meet to review progress