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2016 Convention Committees need YOU!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello Fellow Members,

As the Region 2 Events Coordinator, I am the liaison to the Convention Committees. I have been attending the 2016 Convention Committee meetings and have noticed that many of the primary positions are not yet filled. Tina M from SACO IG is the Chair of the Convention. That IG is formed by only 3 meetings. As a result, this convention needs the support of surrounding IG’s and members. There are many positions that need to be filled:

1. Treasurer - I think this one is filled
2. PI Chair
3. Hotel Liaison
4. Entertainment Chair
5. Event Security Chair
6. Fundraising Chair
7. Literature Chair
8. Program Chair
9. Signs & Decorations Chair
10. T-Shirt Chair
11. Being a member on one of these committees
12. Volunteering service at the Convention

As Rozanne’s Promise states: “I put my hand in yours and together we can what we could never do alone”. We need your hands to help make this Convention a success. The Region 2 Convention is the only fundraiser for Region 2. The theme of the December 2014 issue of Lifeline is "Service: Raise Your Hand, Raise Your Recovery”. Let’s all join together and raise our recovery.

Please announce this information at your IG’s and meetings. We are working on having a Free Conference Call for those who don’t live close to be able to attend the meetings. The meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The next Committee Meeting will be held on:

Saturday 7/18/15 from 8 - 10am at: St. James Episcopal Church, 37051 Cabrillo Dr., Freemont, CA

Please contact: Tina M (Chair) email: tmink@ix.netcom.com
Barbara B (Vice Chair) email: oceanmama45@comcast.net

Maureen Heuga
Events Coordinator
Overeaters Anonymous Region 2