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Spring 2015 Assembly: ​Ask-It-Basket, Intergroup Concerns and 12 Concepts Workshop Results

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Q: Is it possible to list online the topics Region Speakers speak on?

A: The Board will work to bring that about

Q: I am having trouble finding a meeting on the oa.org site. Is there a way to find a meeting through the oar2.org site?

A: If you go to an individual IG site they often have meetings listed there. The in-person/face to face meeting finder is working again. Electronic meeting search is not working.

Q: Can smaller Intergroups request assistance from the Region?

A: Yes they can submit requests with information about their Intergroup status. Financial assistance is available for representation at Region Assemblies and the World Service Business Conference (WSBC). Additionally, Service Traditions and Concepts (ST&C) workshops are available to assist in strengthening Intergroups and service bodies within the Region.

Q: Is there any idea how much we can raise the budget of a certain Region committee?

A: We need to know how much funds will be raised before allocating them.

Q: Why are not all the meetings listed on the Region list?

A: Individual meetings have to update their Intergroup and World Service of meeting changes.

Q: There is a Twelve Step Within (TSW) speaker list that the TSW has been updating - where did this list come from?

A: From our Region. The TSW Committee began by contacting members who are recovering from relapse on the Region 2 (R2) Speaker Leader list and adding them to a separate TSW speaker list. The TSW Committee has been adding other OAs with relapse recovery experience from within R2.

The R2 Speaker Leader list is a separate list not limited to just members with relapse and recovery experience. It’s been here a long time and it’s been edited periodically with names added and removed as needed. To submit names to the list, send an email to our Vice Chair on oar2.org

Because of the anonymity involved the speaker lists are not posted online. For a copy of either list, please contact the R2 Vice Chair through oar2.org

Q: Why isn’t the For Today book in larger print?

A: To get larger print, please send a request to World Service. We have a large print 12x12. In my Intergroup we bought 15 of them 7 years ago, we have 6 left. The demand does not seem to be there. Almost all of the literature is available as an electronic version which can be resized to one’s specific inclination.

Q: Most service bodies seem to exist to serve member groups. What is the balance of power in Region 2?

A: An inverted pyramid. Region is directly responsible to its’ member groups, just as the Board of Trustees is directly responsible to those they serve. The way things get decided is by representation of individual groups. World Service doesn’t tell Region what to do, and Region doesn’t tell Intergroups what to do. It is decided by representation from individual groups.

Q: If our Intergroup wants to re-write our bylaws, and Region asks to take a look at them, is that an act of governance?

A: In order to be a registered group as part of the Region, the bylaws have to meet certain requirements. There are many resources and templates for re-writing Intergroup Bylaws (such as http://www.oa.org/pdfs/start_ig_sb.pdf)

Q: Is it a requirement that Intergroups change their Young People’s committee names to conform with the World Service Business Conference Young Persons name?

A: No it is not necessary, but is advisable to be in alignment with World Service Business Conference (WSBC) and Region naming conventions.

Q: There is a Region 2 Committee which had an increase in funding in Spring 2014. Can I request a reimbursement now (Spring 2015)?

A: Board members are held to a 45 day standard for submitting reimbursement requests. It may be advisable for Committee Reimbursement Requests to be submitted in similar fashion. Not having them in on time can create a hassle for the Treasurer and throw off Region budget. See the R2 Policies and Procedure Manual pg. 7, item 10.

Q: Can Intergroups reimburse travel expenses for those traveling long distances in geographically wide areas?

A: Yes, and in addition at times some Intergroups have moved their business meeting location to let other areas feel more included and welcome. Many try to use the government rate for mileage reimbursement.

Q: One of our long time members passed away and left a large amount of money to our Intergroup. Do we need to keep that person anonymous within the Intergroup?

A: It may be that once a member is deceased they are no longer anonymous. However, if an Intergroup stipulates a certain procedure, that is what must be followed. There is no hard and fast rule. As legal entities we have to follow the law.

Q: We don’t have a lot of H&I support - how can we go about carrying the message into rehabs, hospitals and institutions?

A: “Introducing OA for the Health Care Professional” is a excellent introduction to that. There is also a manual called “Professional Outreach Manual” that is excellent.

Q: We had an Service, Traditions and Concepts (ST&C) workshop, which we asked for due to low turnover of service positions and the same people staying in service and not a lot of new blood. The ST&C brought in new bodies in the seats and are excellent even if your Intergroup is doing well.

Q: We know a person that brings speakers into a meeting by speaker phone so they can speak at meetings they would not normally attend.

Q: Our Intergroup was going to dissolve if no one stepped up to do service. We told the membership that and people stepped up and as an Intergroup we decided to run workshops. We had an ST&C and a number of other workshops and things are going well.

Q: One Intergroup contemplated joining one of the bigger Intergroups nearby. Instead, everyone stepped up. We only have three meetings but everyone does service.

Q: Can Intergroups send new officers a welcome packet?

A: Many Intergroups use a binder with orientation and job description information for new officers.

Q: The PI Manual needs to be updated. It is without Social Media and Internet information.

A: It is on the Publications Strategic Plan to be reviewed this year at the WSBC.

Q: Can I have a list of the sponsors by distance or by emails?

A: There are individual Intergroups who have sponsors lists for specific areas. They can direct interested parties to the appropriate place to receive a list. Anyone here is qualified to make a sponsor list.

Q: What are rotating formats to help grow new meetings?

A: A different theme per meeting. For example, the 5th Wednesday is 12th Step Within and uses a different format. Another quick idea is to use the tools of the program in a meeting. Anyone that comes to the meeting is using a tool.

Q: How do we get a “Find a Meeting” app for OA?

A: This will be taken to the WSBC Technology Committee, it is not an undertaking within R2’s scope and capacity. Please send your top three wishes to have on an OA App to vst4oa@hotmail.com.

Q: How do you respond to newcomers who want a social program?

A: One can go out to an agreeable cafe after the meeting.

Q: How does a motion get proposed?

A: Any person who is entitled to vote at these meetings here is entitled to make a motion. Any Region Rep (RR), board member or any committee as a group can bring forth a motion.

First one says “I move” and we hope to have it well worded and thought through (not frivolous) having to do with the business of the organization.

Motions to change the Bylaws must be submitted in time for inclusion in the Assembly Packet (at least 60 days prior to Assembly)

Intergroup Concerns and 12 Concepts Workshop Results

There was a ST&C Workshop presented by Sherri and Meg. The Assembly divided into smaller groups to contemplate & review application of the Twelve Concepts. So

1. How are the Concepts guidelines for carrying the message?

  • Guides spiritual intention behind actions
  • Spiritual foundation
  • Provide Compassion to those who need it
  • Humbling ourselves to serve others
  • Abstinence in motion
  • Modeling the program to others
  • Provides strength for us to actively do services
  • Push us outside our “comfort zone”
  • Gets us closer to not just carrying but being the message

2.How do the Twelve Concepts help service bodies function effectively? Give examples.

  • No other organization functions like this. Spiritual things have eternal power.
  • The delegates come together and God settles their issues
  • No authority or ego comes before the authority of the group
  • The group and the individual have equally dependent trust
  • When relapsers return in their welcome home they are just as important as anyone else in the room
  • Individuals can appeal and be certain their point of view has been weighed
  • Responsibility - the key to accomplish anything is follow through. We let others down and those who depend on us.
  • From the board of Trustees up to the group level, support is available
  • It is ok to take a job not knowing how to do it - learn from others

3. How do the Concepts strengthen our personal recovery?

  • Unity - We’re control freaks and this helps us be more open and set aside our ego
  • Conscience - allows us to be present to ourselves and listen to purr quieter voices - sometimes inside, sometimes HP. Delegate important decisions or needs to our HP
  • Trust - faith in the program, others trussing us allows us to teach ourselves. We get to assume that others are doing the best that they can so we don’t have to micromanage
  • Equality - a reprisal Trad 3 the only requirement for membership. In addition “I am equal to the sum of my parts and you are all my parts”
  • Consideration - we trust others to do their part and in addition we act that way even if them doing their part doesn’t look like it’s good enough to us
  • Everyone has the right to disagree with me
  • Responsibility - If we start being responsible with ourselves then we can be responsible to our groups and vice versa. Some of us start by being responsible and disciplined with the group. Doing what our sponsor says
  • Balance - the first part started by working their abstinence. They were working the concept of balance. Before working program they were working the concept of balance. Do you want the secretary to have a copy or a legible copy

4. How can we encourage members to learn and apply the concepts?

  • Include in meeting formats one per month
  • Speaker panels/Workshops
  • Work the steps with a sponsor then the traditions then the concepts
  • Concepts sharing in meetings
  • Add concepts for meeting topics
  • Sometimes during writing or speaker share meeting
  • Ideas for R2 assemblies and conventions, ice breakers
    • One person pretends to be a concept and you have to guess which one
    • Concept Jeopardy
  • Sharing personal experience with a concept
  • Powerpoint concept presentation on oa.org
  • A challenge from a group “Try to focus on this concept for a week” / text reminders then inform the group how your week went