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Who will be the 2017 R2 Convention Chair?

Friday, January 22, 2016

Dear Southern California Intergroups,

I'm Marjorie D & I am the current Events Coordinator for Region 2. Some of you may know me as I began program in So Cal and have attended retreats and meetings in the area. I am the Board Liaison for the Region 2 Convention that is held every year and rotates between Southern and Northern California. Our 2017 Convention will be held at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa which is located across from the South Coast Plaza. This is a regional event and so we would like regional input, cooperation and service from every Intergroup in the largest geographic area possible. The Convention Committee meetings will be held in person and concurrently on the phone so that as many can participate as possible.

With this email we would like to request that your Intergroup nominate a potential Chair for the Convention.

Per the Region 2 Convention Policy and Procedures Manual, the following are the requirements and qualifications for the position:

"It is recommended that the Region 2 Convention Chair be a Region 2 Representative or Alternate from an R2 Member Intergroup or Unaffiliated Group at the time of his/her appointment, however this is not a requirement of the position. It is, however, a requirement of the position that the Region 2 Convention Chair has been either a Region 2 Representative or Alternate, a past member of a Convention Committee, or a past member of the Region 2 Board.

If the Region 2 Convention Chair is not a Region 2 Representative or Alternate from an R2 Member Intergroup or Unaffiliated Group, it is a requirement of this position that the Region 2 Convention Chair either attend all Region 2 Assemblies prior to Convention or send a representative from the Committee to make the Convention Committee report at each Region 2 Assembly, as well as carry back pertinent information from the Assembly to the Committee.

The Region 2 Convention Chair must have two (2) years current abstinence, be adhering to the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and a willingness to serve. The R2 Convention Chair is appointed by the R2 Chair and approved by the R2 Board, based upon meeting the qualifications above and recommendations received. The announcement of the following year's Convention Chair will be made at the Region 2 Assembly no later than one year prior to the convention."

As a point of information, the Spring 2016 Assembly will be held April 8-9 in Fremont, CA where the 2017 Chair will be appointed. The Fall 2016 Assembly will be October 28-30th at the Hilton in Costa Mesa. Spring 2017 Assembly will be March 24-25 in Costa Mesa.

Please forward by March 8, 2016 the name(s) and contact info (email, phone numbers & if text is available) of anyone that your Intergroup would like to nominate for Convention Chair for 2017.

We will be needing to put together an entire team for the committee. Consider being on that team! And let me know if you want to be a member!

We look forward to having a fun, recovery-filled convention weekend!!!!!!

In loving OA service,

Marjorie D.,
Events Coordinator
Region 2 of Overeaters Anonymous representing California, Hawaii, Mexico and Northern Nevada
559.273.8560 Cell