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Who will be the next Events Coordinator for Region 2?

Monday, August 17, 2015

At the 2013 Convention in Palm Springs, I was approached by our Chair, Nancy J, and asked if I would consider serving on the Region 2 Board. I talked with my sponsor and prayed first, before I gave her an answer. I know that service is a very important part of my program, for without service, I would isolate. I felt like I was being nudged to move in this direction. I told Nancy that I would be willing to learn about the position of Events Coordinator, before I made my final decision. I went on a retreat in early October. While on a walk, I asked for a sign and was given one. There was a note left by a former retreatant that said: “The time is now.” I took this as an answer and accepted the position of Events Coordinator. I was told that this service would “broaden my horizons” and it definitely has. I have grown and been challenged much in the past 2 yrs. I have also learned many new skills, which brings me to gratitude for OA.

My main task is to find and book hotels for the Convention, Assemblies, and one face-to-face Board Meeting per year. I make all the meeting room space arrangements for R2 events. On this journey, I have met many new people and learned about the hotel business. I feel stronger with my collaboration skills. Another task that I totally enjoy is being the liaison to the next Convention committee. This means that I’m the conduit between the Board and the Convention committee. Attending pre-Convention meetings is a joy to watch the Convention grow from nominating a Chair, to developing a theme, logo, and all the rest that goes into making our only Region 2 fundraiser a great event. Then, I get to experience the fruition of all their labor at the Convention. This is a miracle in action. I find the people to be welcoming and supportive of one other.

What are the benefits of serving on the Region 2 Board? I have met new people, made many new friends, supported my commitment to abstinence and working the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, increased my understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order, watched group conscience at work, gained many new insights to OA as a whole, and “broadened my horizons”.

I am indebted to OA for saving my life. I can give back to help Region 2 and OA as a whole, remain alive and available for the newcomer or those still suffering. Thank you for allowing me to serve you in this capacity.

Maureen H.

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