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Who will be the next R2 Trustee?

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Dear Region 2, 

I am nearing my last year as R2 trustee and believe this to be the best service position I ever had. I have learned so much about the principles of this program and dealing with life on life’s terms. To work with the other Trustees on various projects is a wonderful gift. How many of us get to attend an OA meeting with 15 or so members with combined abstinence of over 300 years? It is a treat to work with people dedicated to bettering OA as a whole. 

There have been times when I was certain I was not qualified for the job, that I couldn’t complete the tasks at hand. Luckily I was able to lean on my mentor numerous times, learning to ask for and accept help. This position has taught me a myriad of things especially that together we can do what I could never do alone. 

The qualifications for R2 Trustee include: 

  • 7 years in OA,
  • 5 years of continuous and current abstinence including 2 years of maintaining a healthy body weight,
  • 5 years service beyond the group level,
  • Attendance as a delegate to two WSBCs, and
  • Completion of all 12 Steps and maintaining recovery throughout term of office. 

See the application http://www.oa.org/pdfs/trustee_application.pdf and instructions http://www.oa.org/pdfs/trustee_application_letter_15.pdf

If you want to grow in your recovery I can’t recommend anything else as such a sure thing. 

Please consider applying for trustee, or talk to those you believe to be qualified and encourage them to do so. If someone hadn’t asked, “Why don’t you apply, Meg?” I wouldn't have experienced this wonderful adventure and amazing opportunity to practice recovery. 

R2 Trustee Applications are due no later than August 24, 2015 to the R2 Secretary, secretary@oar2.org and R2 Administrator, admin@oar2.org

Any Questions? Please feel free to contact me via email, trustee@oar2.org or phone (831)585- 7945. 

In Gratitude for OA,
Meg H, R2 Trustee