Region 2 Delegates

What is a Region 2 Delegate?

Region 2 Delegates attend and act on behalf of the Region at the World Service Business Conference (WSBC). The purpose of these delegates will be to act in the best interest of Region 2 and OA as a whole.

How many Delegates can R2 Send to WSBC? 

Region 2 may be authorized to select and send up to five (5) regional delegates to WSBC, providing the representation by the Region’s Intergroup delegates at the previous business conference falls below forty (40) percent.

What is expected of a Delegate after attending the WSBC?

Delegates shall present a report for submission or distribution at the Fall assembly following the Business Conference, detailing activities during the conference and the results of the business proceedings.

What is the procedure for selecting Delegates? 

Provided funding is available and the Fall Assembly authorizes sending regional delegates:

  1. Region 2 Delegates shall be selected from the voting members present at the Fall assembly, preceding the next year’s WSBC.
  2. Applicants must meet the qualifications specified within WSO Bylaws Subpart B, Article& X, Section 3 and must be willing and able to attend all business meetings of the conference, and must agree to be a member of at least one Conference committee.
  3. Voting Members interested in acting as a Region 2 delegate, must submit an application, provided by the R2 Board, before the close of the first day of business of the fall assembly, to be voted on the following day.
  4. Applicants will be allowed three (3) minutes to address the assembly, followed by 3 minutes of questions and answers.
  5. Preference should be given to applicants who have not previously attended a World Service Business Conference and/or those from intergroups or unaffiliated meetings which would not otherwise by represented by delegates.

WSBC Delegate Assistance Fund

Funding is available to those intergroups experiencing extreme financial difficulties; those intergroups who would be incapable of sending a delegate to the conference without financial assistance. Intergroups should apply to Region 2 before applying to the World Service Office for financial assistance.

WSBC Delegate Assistance Fund WSBC Delegate Assistance Fund

Bylaws & Manuals

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